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From Monte d’Oro there are wonderful panoramic views of the bay of Gaeta.

The Spiaggia dei Sassolini is a picturesque sheltered little pebble beach renowned for its crystal clear water.  Nearby is the Grotta Azzurra so named because the beautiful aquamarine colors of the sea are reflected onto the walls of the cave.  There is another cave by the name of the Grotta delle Sette Cannelle which has some stalactites and a fresh water pool. It is noted for the characteristic reverberations made by the waves as they crash and pound within the cave.

Also to be seen are the ruins of a 14th century medieval tower that protected the mills along the River Capodacqua.

Overlooking the sea is the square tower, il Torre dei Cavallari, which formed part of a coastal defence system to guard against marauding pirates.  In 1552 the notorious Turkish pirate Dragut landed on the shores of Scauri. His troops invaded Scauri, Traetto and other neighbouring villages.  He took 200 of the local inhabitants as prisoners before making his escape.

At the estuary of the Garigliano, on the left bank, there are the remains of an ancient tower  which was built to commemorate  the  victory of  the ferocious Battle of the Garigliano in 915,  when Pope John X and the Christian League drove out the Saracens.  Below you can see the beach adjacent to Monte d’Argento.

With the dawning of the Industrial Revolution some paper mills were constructed in Scauri, and also factories producing ceramics and bricks.  Below are the ruins of the Sieci e Darsena brick works.

The seaside resorts of Scauri and Marina di Minturno have a 4 km sandy beach which stretches between the headlands of Monte d’Oro and Monte d’Argento.   Along the  long promenade there are numerous bathing establishments, and near to Monte d’Oro  there is a pier and a small harbour.  Scauri and Marina di Minturno also have a busy shopping areas.

photo © J. Michael Abbott

photo © J. Michael Abbott

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Some beautiful atmospheric photos of Scauri and Gianola by Luca di Siena.